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Compassionate Marriage and Family Individual Therapist philadelphia

Natasha Taffet, M.S. LMFT works with individuals, couples and families to improve communication resolve conflict and achieve a greater satisfaction and joy in their relationships. Natasha helps couples establish or restore intimacy in their relationship, even after such traumatic events such as an affair. She is known for her work with nontraditional families, families/couples with a member recovering from addiction and co-parentinging after divorce. Multi-culturally sensitive therapy and larger context issues are a focus in her practice.


Natasha currently works virtually via zoom


licensed MF000809.

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Humans are social animals. When it comes to affairs of the heart, most of us are pretty similar. We want to be loved, respected, and cared for. We want to get along with others and generally have a good time with them. When we fight with, reject, or distance ourselves from the people we love we don’t feel good. And when they fight with, reject or distance themselves from us, we feel even worse. So when you fight with your partner, you both get hurt.
Your partner may not reveal his pain to you, he may just get angry, or storm out of the house, or quietly switch on the TV and start drinking, but deep inside he hurts just like you. Your partner may refuse to talk to you, she may criticize you in scathing tones, or go out on the town with her friends, but deep inside, she hurts just as you are. It is so important to recognize and remember this. We tend to get so caught up in our own suffering that we can easily forget our partner is in the same boat.
I can help both of you become aware of your here and now experience, with an attitude of openness and curiosity.
I can help you learn skills to be more engaged and absorbed in what your are doing with your partner to create a more fulfilling bond.
We will learn skills to reduce the influence and impact of painful thoughts and feelings.
You will learn how to take effective action in your relationship that is conscious and deliberate, rather than impulsive or mindless.
You will become motivated, guided, and inspired by your core values.
You will learn to become flexible and adaptable to the demands of the situation.

Natasha Taffet, M.S. LMFT
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